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Commercial Leasing Brochure
Commercial Leasing Brochure

Branding Campaign for Software Company
Branding Campaign for Sofware Company

Marketing Campaign for Health Care Residency Program
Marketing Campaign for Health Care Residency Program

The Moore Design Group is a full service graphic design firm and electronic publisher specializing in creating and producing visual solutions for business communication needs. We share a vision of excellence with our clients. Every project - from business to business marketing campaigns, capability brochures and web sites - is carefully managed. The creative process evolves from the initial concept through design and photography to the final product in both print and electronic media.

Objective is to create a dynamic leasing brochure highlighting the amenities of a commercial building in downtown St. Louis. The brochure must support the building's convenient location.

Design Challenge/Solution: The 4/color process brochure was designed with a right pocket that was dye-cut to match the building's architectural shape. Interior photography provided visual impact for potential business leasing. To reinforce location, a colorful map and photo of downtown was placed on back panel.

Objective: to position the software company as a leader in the dealership management information systems industry through innovative design and printing. Develop a national print advertising campaign to compliment the marketing brochure.

Design Challenge/Solution: Develop a business name, image logo and statement that illustrated the company's international experience in computer management systems. The brochure was developed as a two-fold communication piece with marketing and technical support information on left panels. An explanation of the management information systems software components was featured on right panels that were stepped for visual impact. Strong photo collages highlighted the advanced software applications of the system for dealership management.

Objective: Create a series of brochures and postcards highlighting the amenities of a specialized residency program in a health care organization affiliated with a major teaching university in St. Louis.

Design Challenge/Solution: The design of the brochure featured a unique size of 7" x 10" with a right pocket for additional program inserts. Dynamic photography highlighted multi-faceted teaching utilizing workshops, computer simulations, hands-on management of patient cases in hospital and clinical environment and independent study. A series of three postcards announced academic and community-based practice opportunities for residents. One of the postcards was shrink-wrapped with a plastic identity key tag.

To inquire about marketing campaigns to enhance your company or organization or capability brochures, please call 314-771-5212.

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